Red Dawn Chapter 2: The Wolverines

This is a summarized overview, broken into chapters, of the 1984 movie, Red Dawn

In the mountains, Jed and Matt lead their friends in forming a makeshift camp, realizing that they must adapt quickly to survive in the wilderness. Initially, the group struggles with the harsh realities of their new life, contending with cold weather, hunger, and the emotional toll of their situation. However, their determination to resist the invaders fuels their resolve.

Wolverines Camp Site from the movie Red Dawn

The group decides to name themselves “The Wolverines,” after their high school’s mascot, as a symbol of their unity and resilience. They begin to train in guerilla warfare, using their knowledge of the local terrain to their advantage. Jed, with his military background, emerges as the natural leader of the group and takes on the responsibility of teaching the others survival skills and combat tactics. The teenagers’ camaraderie and shared purpose help them overcome their fears and insecurities.

As the weeks pass, The Wolverines develop into a cohesive unit, growing more proficient in their newfound abilities. They learn to hunt for food, navigate the rugged landscape, and set traps for their enemies. The group is also joined by two sisters, Toni (played by Jennifer Grey) and Erica (played by Lea Thompson), who have also escaped the occupied town.

Together, they come to understand the importance of their role in fighting back against the invaders. Their determination to protect their town, their loved ones, and their country inspires them to become a formidable resistance force. As they prepare for their first strike, The Wolverines stand united, ready to take on the enemy and reclaim their freedom.